Free 7 Day Anxiety Journal

Hi, blog :)! After so so many of you downloaded my free recovery journal (available here), I decided to release another journal, but this time it’s a journal geared towards coping with anxiety/anxiety relief. Just like last time, this page will have the seven day plan and link to download it yourself!

Each and every single one of the exercises in this seven day journal are ones I feel are both entertaining and helpful. The best part is this journal is 100% FREE!

Before you check out the seven day plan and prompt break-down, download the journal HERE.

Here is the seven day plan for you to follow with a bit more detail for each prompt:

P.S. Depending on your printer, you may have to select an option like, “Fit to printable area” to have this journal be formatted perfectly! Or, you can cut these prompts out and paste them into your own journal.

DAY 1: Beginning of the week check-in

Day one is about getting you used to journaling and turning inward. The check-in questions are pretty in-depth and may require a bit of time, so be sure to do this check-in while you can be present and have at least 10-30 minutes to set aside. I like to start my journaling practice in the morning with my coffee!

DAY 2: What’s on your mind?

This prompt can be as creative or as straightforward as you make it. I find that actually naming and putting out there what is in my mind- emotions, worries, memories, thoughts, or otherwise- is extremely helpful. This prompt allows you to do the same!

DAY 3: Mantras

Mantras can be helpful to have on hand to repeat and remind yourself of when you’re feeling anxious. In this exercise, you mark/highlight which ones you like and create your own.

DAY 4: Self-care word search

Coping skills and self-care are necessary for everyone in all stages of life dealing with all sorts of feelings! This word search is designed to get you away from your screen, away from your responsibilities, and be a fun way to get self-care ideas.

DAY 5: Calming coloring

Two pages of beautiful things to color! Do it all at once or break this up into two days. Be creative and enjoy!

DAY 6: What does it mean to you?

This was a last minute addition to the journal- but I think this may be my favorite prompt! One of the most challenging things for me when dealing with my ED and anxiety has been naming the emotions I’m dealing with. Feelings like stressed, worried, overwhelmed, and insecure can all feel the same in the moment, but when we step back and think about what goes along with them physically, mentally, and emotionally, we can find differences that help us determine coping skills/strategies.

DAY 7: End of the week check-in

The last day has a check-in similar to the first day, but with questions specific to the work you’ve done in your recovery over the past week and how to maintain your progress.

Thank you for downloading this journal! If you like it, be sure to tell me on IG @recovroad or drop me a comment. Sending lots of love!

Featured image courtesy of Unsplash.

All content on RecovRoad is based on personal experiences, research, and ideas. Please do not repost/share without credit and be aware that nothing on this blog takes the place of professional help. This is also a formal trigger warning: content about and relating to eating disorders may be triggering to survivors. Please see the “RESOURCES” tab, call the National Eating Disorders Association hotline at 800-931-2237, and remember to take care of yourself.

2 thoughts on “Free 7 Day Anxiety Journal

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