Free 7 Day Recovery Journal

Hello, lovelies! Ever since starting this blog, my mission has been to be a resource and friend throughout the recovery process- a safe space I wish I had during my early recovery. As a lot of you know from my other articles and Instagram, I’m OBSESSED with journaling and always advocate for it throughout recovery as an amazing form of self-care. I know journaling, especially for recovery and mental health, can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what prompts to follow or what you want to do- so I figured I would make a journal to get you started!

P.S. These prompts are mostly geared towards those with an eating disorder, but are designed to be helpful to anyone struggling with disordered eating or wanting to improve their relationship with food. They are also helpful for any stage of your process- in fact, I’ll be following along this week and completing this journal!

Each and every single one of the exercises in this seven day journal are ones I’ve done multiple times and feel have truly been able to help strengthen my recovery. The best part is this journal is 100% FREE!

Before you check out the seven day plan and prompt break-down, download the journal HERE.

Here is the seven day plan for you to follow with a bit more detail for each prompt:

DAY 1: Beginning of the week check-in & Top 10 reasons for recovery

Day one is about getting you in the recovery mindset. Try and be present while doing these exercises and be creative! Your top reasons for recovery will also serve as motivation as you complete the rest of these prompts!

DAY 2: Mirror, mirror

This one may feel a bit cheesy, but I promise it’s fun and beneficial! I got this idea from pictures I’d seen of people putting encouraging notes on their mirror. This is another page that’s creative, designed to be personalized and serves as something to look back on later!

DAY 3: Life with ED & Life without ED

There’s quite a bit of instruction on these pages, but the idea here is to compare your life with versus without your eating disorder and really dig into how it has affected you, as well as some of its emotional roots. This prompt is probably the first one that could potentially be more difficult or emotional, so don’t forget to look back at your self-care idea from day one.

DAY 4: Coping skills

Coping skills are a MUST in recovery and, really, all areas of life. For this page you will simply be filling in the boxes with a few skills that work for you or you’d like to try next time you’re feeling that way. For inspiration on ideas, check out my coping skills article or self-care master list.

DAY 5: Coloring

What’s a journal without a good coloring page? Exactly. This page is designed to be a bit of self-care after two days of more serious exercises.

DAY 6: Letter to ED

You can’t fully recover and still hold onto ED because ED is not your friend- ED is toxic. It can be scary to let go and it may seem like you’ll always hear ED telling you this or that, but this prompt is about you using YOUR voice to get it all out and say what YOU want to say. The first time I did this prompt, I’ll be honest: I cried. I felt betrayed, foolish, and angry- but it helped. It felt like I was able to separate myself from ED, find my voice again, and begin breaking out of my illness. It isn’t easy work, but I think this is the most important exercise in the whole journal. There are a few questions to get you started, but ultimately this letter will likely be very personal. I encourage you to feel all the feelings and reach out to your support system as needed.

DAY 7: End of the week check-in

The last day has a check-in similar to the first day, but with questions specific to the work you’ve done in your recovery over the past week. Again, be mindful during this check-in and remember that you can refer back to any of these prompts at anytime during (or after!) the process.

Thank you for downloading this journal! No matter what stage of recovery you’re in, I hope it helps you in some way. If you like it, be sure to tell me on IG @recovroad or drop me a comment. Sending lots of love!

Featured image courtesy of Unsplash.

All content on RecovRoad is based on personal experiences, research, and ideas. Please do not repost/share without credit and be aware that nothing on this blog takes the place of professional help. This is also a formal trigger warning: content about and relating to eating disorders may be triggering to survivors. Please see the “RESOURCES” tab, call the National Eating Disorders Association hotline at 800-931-2237, and remember to take care of yourself.


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