50 Self-Care Ideas to Try Today (the Ultimate List!)

Sometimes the hardest part about self-care is knowing what to do- especially if you’re trying to shake things up or develop a new self-care routine. This list is designed to be the ultimate reference for all ideas self-care. Be sure to also check out my articles on self-care journaling and coping skills for a more in-depth look at some of these ideas. Anyways, here’s the list:

P.S. This list isn’t in any specific order! Feel free to print this page to highlight any ideas that stick out to you.

1. Watch your favorite show/movie

2. Meditate

3. Do some yoga

4. Call a friend

5. Draw

6. Paint

7. Plan a fake (or real!) vacation

8. Read a book

9. Make a dream board

10. Watch and follow along with a makeup tutorial

11. Journal

12. Take a walk

13. Bake 

14. Knit, crochet, or sew

15. Paint your nails

16. Do some deep breathing

17. Buy yourself flowers

18. Have an at home spa day

19. Take a nap

20. Spend time with family

21. Diffuse essential oils

22. Find and use a mantra

23. Write out your feelings

24. Take a day off of social media

25. Set up a FaceTime date with a friend/family member who lives far away

26. Take a bunch of Buzzfeed quizzes

27. Do something kind for someone else

28. Try or try and discover a new hobby

29. Clean

30. Declutter your space

31. Make a gratitude list

32. Cuddle a pet

33. Play a board game

34. Donate old clothes/belongings

35. Watch a TED talk 

36. Make a succulent terrarium 

37. Listen to a relaxing playlist

38. Take a bath

39. Sit outside in the sun

40. Say “no”

41. Redecorate your space

42. Play an instrument

43. Take the enneagram test

44. Have a solo dance party

45. Write down a few goals

46. Give yourself a pep talk

47. Listen to a podcast

48. Donate to a cause that matters to you

49. Watch the sunrise, set or clouds

50. Practice mindfulness

Featured image courtesy of Unsplash

All content on RecovRoad is based on personal experiences, research, and ideas. Please do not repost/share without credit and be aware that nothing on this blog takes the place of professional help. This is also a formal trigger warning: content about and relating to eating disorders may be triggering to survivors. Please see the “RESOURCES” tab, call the National Eating Disorders Association hotline at 800-931-2237, and remember to take care of yourself.


3 thoughts on “50 Self-Care Ideas to Try Today (the Ultimate List!)

  1. […] Coping skills are a MUST in recovery and, really, all areas of life. For this page you will simply be filling in the boxes with a few skills that work for you or you’d like to try next time you’re feeling that way. For inspiration on ideas, check out my coping skills article or self-care master list. […]


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