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Q&A With My Mom (Aka a Recovery Caretaker)

After chatting with ya’ll on Instagram (@recovroad) about what content you’d like to see next, so many of you wanted content about ED caretaking. I decided that a Q&A with my mom, who was my main caretaker, supporter, and advocate throughout my recovery, could offer some insight into what it’s like as well as be…

Recovery Meal Planning (With FREE Meal Planning PDF)

Hello, blog! I wanted to share this free printable meal planner with y’all because, honestly, meal planning can be one of the hardest parts of recovery. Especially after leaving residential and IOP/PHP, I felt like I didn’t have a ton of support and skills to bring recovery into my real, everyday life. And real life…

Free Holiday Coping Plan

The holidays can be a challenging time! Although they can be filled with family, fun, and festivities- they can also be triggering, throw us off of our usual schedules, and be overwhelming. Because of this I’ve created this free, one page holiday coping plan. P.S. This definitely isn’t only for people with eating disorders! Anyone…